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Adrie-Anne Gamble, Registered Professional Counsellor, CPCA (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and Online)

I appreciate that Dr. McBride’s 5-Step Recovery Model is so clear and concise.  It offers validation and support for adults who are ready to heal from a childhood upbringing with a narcissistic parent(s) and helps them to end the legacy of trauma and dysfunction.

I care and want to encourage you. There is hope and a way through. Are you overwhelmed by your thoughts, feelings, or circumstances? My heart is to offer support that brings healing to trauma, anxiety, and painful relationship patterns.  I would be honored to listen to your story and work with you to find hope, healing, and positive solutions. I am trained in several evidence-based therapies. Together, we design a plan that you feel comfortable with. I offer spiritual support from an accepting Christian perspective for those interested. I believe all people are worthy of love and respect regardless of circumstances or beliefs.

I offer sessions in-person, by phone, and online.  Some insurance providers will cover the costs of my services, please check with your provider in advance.

License and Credentials: 
Registered Professional Counsellor, CPCA #3793

Contact Me:

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 1-306-540-5841

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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