10 Tips to help with emotional triggers and avoid an emotional collapse!

In the United States and around the world, Mother’s Day, is certainly one of the most celebrated holidays. It should be a special day to honor mothers and appreciate them for all that they do and have done. But, for some, Mother’s Day ends up being a triggering event that reminds of sadness and loss and even causes post-traumatic stress symptoms. This is what I refer to in my books as the emotional collapse.

For those of you who sadly come from dysfunctional families where one or both of your parents was a narcissist, you will likely approach the Mother’s Day traditions in a very different way. Many of my clients spend extensive emotional energy on determining what to do on this day. “Should I send a card?” “What kind of card?” “Should I call my mother?”  “Should I see my mother?” “Should I ignore the day?” “How do I feel OK on this day?” “It makes me realize so poignantly, that I didn’t get to have the kind of mother who knew how to love.”

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