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Amy Kempe, MS, NCC, LPC, CSAT (Lafayette Hill, PA and Online in PA) Level II Certification

Hearing the title Will I Ever Be Good Enough? resonated deeply and perfectly captured the experiences that countless clients have shared with me over the years. In her book, Dr. McBride provides a 5-step recovery model designed to help adult children navigate the challenges that arise from growing up in a narcissistic household. The 5-step recovery model is designed to address the conditioning received, the belief that you are not good enough, and shows how operating from that place impacts one’s life choices.

The process of acceptance and grief allows for healing wounds you knew existed but did not know how to heal; learning boundaries and how to live without the limits of the narcissistic projection are gifts to give to yourself. I am passionate about helping those impacted by narcissistic abuse heal and become the person that they are, without the mask and defenses of not being enough.

I have been working with varying degrees of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and family and partners of NPD for over ten years. I understand that the decision to come to therapy can feel like a betrayal. It is essential to work at the pace of the individual and know that it is not a linear process. I understand that there are many layers to the dynamics, and I can help individuals work on setting boundaries, connect to themselves, and find their truths. While working in therapy, it is also important to honor that there are many ways that the narcissistic relationship can damage self-esteem, worth, and confidence and I know there are times survivors can feel shame around things that have done while in survival mode. I provide a supportive, nonjudgmental environment to explore and a space to be seen in their recovery process of narcissistic abuse. I offer both individual and group sessions for men and women.

Groups for Healing Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect Offered:
Weekly Group for Women: Why Do I Feel Hurt?
Weekly Group for Men: In the Shadow of Giants

I can provide a superbill for insurance reimbursement. I also offer telehealth and enjoy working with both men and women raised in emotionally abusive households. In addition to Narcissist abuse, I specialize in PTSD, Anxiety, and have a certification as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. I am licensed in Pennsylvania and am Board Certified through the National Board of Certified Counselors.

For more information about groups and individual and a free consultation visit:

License and Credentials:

Contact me:

600 Germantown Pike, Suite F, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
Phone: 1-215-696-0027

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Therapist in-person workshop: Level II Clinical Training, 9 hour intensive

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