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Annette Gallardo Ph.D., LPC (Online only in TN)

This training was first a personal recovery and second training for my practice. I can attest my self that this really works because I healed by following all the steps. My sister also did the training and now we both are doing better and we have a relationship with our mother, but of course with boundaries and not feeling guilty about anything. I also use the 5 steps in my practice with a lot of success.

I work with this population on my coaching program trauma healing for you, so now I’m ready to officially join Dr. McBride’s 5-step recovery model.

All services are online via zoom
No insurance, but I take care credit financing
My coaching program is available for adults and couples/marriage. (Men and women, LGTB friendly)

Hello I'm Dr. Annette Gallardo, I'm a Doctor in Psychology and founder of Trauma Healing for you. I specialized in helping people heal and recover from childhood abuse, and heal after a narcissistic toxic relationship. Let me explain a little bit about how my Trauma Healing program can help you.

Have you ever had any of these challenges?

1) Relationship issues: you attract self-centered relationships, when it is all about them and not you. This can happen in romantic relationships, with friends and bosses. You seem to be a magnet attracting dysfunctional relationships.

2) Self-esteem and self-concept: you grew up believing you are damaged , defective, and not lovable. with feelings of shame, unworthiness, and helplessness. Maybe, You feel awkward and disconnected. You don’t have a clear identity and are always afraid to make decisions.

3) Social Anxiety: you are plagued with anxiety and depression that hinder you from connecting to people, you feel you don’t belong in this world and feel fake and out of place. You have fear of rejection.

4) Difficulty regulating your emotions: sometimes you feel persistent sadness, want to cry, have explosive anger, impulsivity., and get fixated on negative thoughts.

5) Health issues: such as Migraines, chronic illness, and immunological issues that medical doctors cannot explain.

If you answer yes to some of these questions then consider signing up for my coaching program.

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Contact me:

Phone: 1-615-212-5166

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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