Do You Attract Narcissists as Friends?

How can I tell if my friend is a narcissist?

I recently got an email from a lovely woman saying she feels she repeats the dynamic she had with her narcissistic mother in her choice of friends. She says she befriends narcissistic women, who then, like her mother, end up rejecting her. Is this you?

If you were raised by narcissistic parents, it is common to be attracted to the familiar. We unconsciously attract this into our lives and it often becomes a secondary trauma. This can be a Post-Traumatic Stress trigger for the family of origin issues.  We often feel like we have to master it and make it work because it is reenacted trauma from the past and we want to conquer it. If my own mother or father can’t love me, then I have to make this friendship work or it shows that I am unlovable and they were right.  I am not good enough! Although painful and real for many, there is another answer.

The answer begins with recovery. We attract people into our lives who are on the same emotional level we are. So the more recovery you do, the healthier people you attract. It is the law of attraction at its best. Without recovery, adult children of narcissistic parents are very vulnerable in relationships. This can happen to you and does for many. You are not alone.

So, how do you tell if your friends are narcissistic? Here’s the scoop!

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