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Bridgette Morris, BCCC (Peachtree Corners, GA and Online Sessions) – Level II Certification

How excited I am to offer my clients Dr. McBride’s simple but revolutionary process for healing and understanding narcissism. My clients have seen life changing results using her 5-step recovery model. Allowing clients to come to acceptance and grieve the loss of the relationship has been impactful in my client’s lives. I’ve seen them move forward and create healthy relationships with themselves and others. Thanks to Dr. McBride for creating the 5- step recovery model. Many people’s lives are being dramatically changed because of her work!

Bridgette has developed a reputation as a trusted and caring therapist. She understands we all go through difficult times & asking for help can be one of the hardest things but most rewarding. Taking this bold step is huge in your healing process!

Bridgette is the founder and director of Healing Life Counseling in Atlanta Georgia. A graduate of the University of Georgia she is a Board Certified Christian Counselor & Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), anger management, recovery for victims of narcissists and assistance with navigation through high conflict divorce.

She is available to meet in person, by phone or Skype. Her sessions are $125 per 55 minutes and she works with men, woman, teens, and families.

She also offers a FAST START. Sometimes you need a FAST START!  2 sessions back to back for 90 minutes. This unique approach is a great opportunity to get that troubled situation really moving in a positive direction.

License and Credentials:
BCCC, Georgia Board of Examiners for Christian Counselors# 10120932

Contact me:

Healing Life Counseling
Suburban Medical
4989 Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
Phone: 1-404-444-2153

Therapist in-person workshop: Level II Clinical Training, 9 hour intensive





Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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