Therapist Referral Network

I am delighted to present therapists who have joined my referral network. Each of these individuals have expressed an interest in becoming a part of the healing journey for adult children of narcissistic parents. If you don’t see therapists in your area, continue to watch this page as I will be adding to the list on a regular basis.

Please note, each therapist listed has completed level I training and has become certified in my 5-step recovery model. I have recently added a level II, in-person therapist training, which offers 9 additional clinical hours.

While I cannot personally endorse specific therapists, these licensed clinicians are not only trained in the 5-step recovery model, but have also provided current credentials and resumes. It is still your responsibility to interview the therapists first in order to make a sound decision.

If you are a therapist and are interested in appearing on this referral network please contact Dr. McBride.


Justine Polster, Ph.D., LCSW. RSW. (Telehealth for CO, DE, FL, IA, IL, PA, UT, VA, VT & Internationally Australia & New Zealand Residents). Individual & Families. – Level II Certification

During my 30 years of professional experience, including more than 15 years as a college professor, training other therapists, I have rarely come across such a practical and essential training as...

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