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Claudia Sinay-Mosias, MHA, MA, LMFT (CA/Online Only)

claudia-sinay-mosiasI was thrilled to discover Dr. McBride’s book about daughters of narcissistic mothers.  I have been working with this population for decades but have yet to find a protocol that is so thorough, compassionate and useful.  I am working currently with the 5-step program with several of my clients.  The introduction of the exercises and journal writing has been exceptionally valuable for them and has helped me, as a therapist, to give them the best treatment possible.  Often my clients present with anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  Frequently these people over work, over function and over compensate for everyone else in their lives and still feel terrible about themselves.  Discovering the root cause of the symptoms is immeasurably valuable in actually recovering from of anxiety and depression and living a life of feeling like you will never be good enough.  Naming the problem of being an adult child of narcissistic parents, is long overdue and I am excited about bringing the treatment into the world along with Dr. McBride.  In my opinion, narcissism is an epidemic in our society.  We need to recognize this and confront it.  Consequently, being a child of a narcissist is also epidemic.  I feel strongly that working with this population is how I can personally make the biggest impact in my field.

I was licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist in 1990.  For 25 years I had a counseling center in San Francisco where I specialized in anxiety and relationship issues.  Because of this specialty, I treated many people who were adult children of narcissists.  I recognized this population not only because of my training, but because I, too, am an adult child of a narcissistic mother.  I have worked with these issues not only with clients, but with myself.  I also recognize that this isn’t only a problem for women.  Men often have the same difficulties and symptoms that women of narcissists do and I have spent many therapeutic hours with men who felt they would never be good enough and who suffered greatly from anxiety and depression.

My current practice is exclusively online.  I can use Skype or FaceTime but I prefer to use a platform called Breakthrough, which is HIPPA compliant and specifically made for therapists who have online practices.  I invite you to visit my personal website at to learn more about me and how online therapy works.  I am licensed to see anyone living in California and I charge customary fees but I will work with you if there is financial hardship.  Because I am licensed in California, your PPO or Fee For Service insurance with reimburse you for part of my fees.  I am not paneled on any specific insurance panel and I would be happy to discuss this decision with you if you so wish. I look forward to working with both men and women who identify as being adult children of narcissistic parents.

License and Credentials:
MHA, MA, LMFT #27519

Contact me:

Online practice throughout California
Phone:  1-415 516-7528

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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