"I am a therapist by trade and attend many conferences since I am in love with learning and of course to earn ceu's for my license. I went this time to not only receive another perspective on my deep core wounds from my family of origin issues with a NM but also to gather some tools as I sit with women who are ravaged and often self-LESS due to their lack of mother-daughter bonds. I was taken back by how well the whole thing was done. So many touches from picking an incredible site to literally cheering us on as we bravely reconfronted, accepted, and continued to face the reality of our deprived upbringings. I loved your ability and sense of presence as a leader. You seemed so present, patient, thoughtful, and never rushed. (so many conference leaders appear to be either on auto-pilot or burned out) I really sensed an inner strength and deep level of empathy coming from within you. You were sure asked some hard and intense questions and never once dodged or dissed an attendee or gave them a quick answer. Such a great role model for me as I also am growing as a teacher and leader. I really felt you "get it." This is rare, sadly even in our psychotherapeutic field. How rare to engage and be taught by someone who appeared so present...and humble, and may I add, witty! As for the material, incredible. I also appreciated the option of getting to process alone. I so needed the time to go within my own self and not have to "share space" w other women. I will give special time to the questions you prepared as there were so many that command more time and focus. Thank you for preparing all of those."
"Thanks Superb job! Thanks so much for an amazing conference. It was just great to so quickly pick up on the amazing healing energy and momentum exhibited by everyone there. It’s an amazing thing you have started Dr. M and I am so grateful for your courage and dedication to this as it has been unbelievably and extraordinarily helpful to me during a rather eventful year and evidently had the same effect on the group today."

"I loved the workshop!!! It was positively a life-changing event for me that left a tranquil awareness within. It felt so wonderful to actually hear, see, and meet other women who share this common bond with me."

"I have gained a deeper insight, greater knowledge, and clarity of narcissistic behavior and feel empowered by all your suggestions. It has always been my goal to act rather than react in distressing situations with my narcissistic mother. I am much more confident now of the changes I plan to make in myself as well as the changes I have already made to live happily and be me, authentically."
"It has truly been a blessing to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of warm, loving and kind women! I feel stronger for being here and ready to embrace my life on my own terms. Thank you so much for bringing this insidious dis-ease to light. I hope many more sons and daughters of narcissists find your book and begin on the road to recovery. Big hug."

"Dr. McBride, It’s been a great workshop. I felt more comfortable and connected than most any other time. You are really warm, giving and a true inspiration and pathfinder. What a relief to finally be understood and to learn how to cope more successfully with this difficult relationship. Your staff was wonderful- all very caring and helpful. The food, hotel were great."

"Dr. McBride, I appreciate the love and care that went into this workshop. I was a little shocked that I was the only male participant. However, I received a ton of validation, support and education from you therapists and fellow participants. Great venue and I’d like to see a few more men at the workshop."

"I feel so loved and have a real blueprint for healing from the sick legacy. Your empathy and kindness shows throughout your whole staff. I am truly blessed."

"Dr. Karyl, Thank you so much for teaching me the tools I need to be a better person and hopefully break the legacy with my children. This weekend I felt like I belonged. I saw sisterhood and understanding in the eyes of every woman I encountered. Thank you so much for providing this precious authentic opportunity and for this vital gift of work that you’re sharing. I wish you all the best!"

"I feel grateful for this gathering of beautiful women, for the validation, education/information, empathy, love, kindness, safety, and humor. The conference was superbly planned and executed by wonderful sassy women. Thank you for making it available and reasonably priced. I had an ignoring NM. I’ve never felt more visible in my life without also feeling uncomfortable. Visible and comfortable. Wow! Thank you and Peace."

"Thank you so much Dr. McBride. We are blessed to have you to assist us on our paths. Blessing to you in all you are manifesting. You have changed my life and pulled me from isolation. Warmest regards."

"This has been an incredibly informative and empowering experience. How amazing and magical to learn and talk openly about this crazy-making way to grow up. You have such strength and courage. Bless you. I’m filled with gratitude."

"What a miraculous weekend this was! I feel as though I was on an island with people who understand me and it’s hard to leave. Thank you for your insights and encouragement."

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