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Craig M. Traub, MPhil, MA, CTSC (Gauteng Province, South Africa & Online)

The emotional abuse incurred at the hands of a narcissistic mother, parent, or caregiver, is vividly and artfully described by Dr. Karyl McBride in her book, “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” Dr. McBride’s 5-Step Recovery Model, tactfully describes the much-needed means to deem oneself, and not the narcissist, the arbitrator of what is or is not “good enough”, distinguish “good enough” from “perfect”, and, nurture oneself if enough seems not to be enough. This book is essential for all varieties of therapists and counsellors, working with any population, where (maternal) narcissists are likely. After finishing her book, the online training course was an inevitable must. This online course has highlighted my personal, and even professional need to consider myself, “good enough”. Thank you, Dr. McBride, for your indispensable contributions.

I am a UK Chartered & HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist & Criminologist. I work with individual adults in a contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapeutic framework. I have also trained in person-centered therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy. I lecture, run groups, and/or provide workshops on request. Currently, I work in private practice, but retain experience from the South African Departments of Health, Defense, and Correctional Services. Prior to this, I worked as a Trauma & HIV/AIDS Counsellor, respectively. Sessions in-person are preferred, however, the Zoom Video Communications platform is an option. Medical aids or insurances are accepted in terms of patient reimbursement. Thank you, kindly.

License and Credentials:

Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol): British Psychological Society (BPS)
Certified Traumatic Stress Consultant (CTSC), New York, USA
Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF): 086 001 0486841
Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA): PS 0117480
Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Psychology & Community Counselling, Stellenbosch University (SU)
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Criminal Justice, University of Cape Town (UCT)
Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BAHons) in Psychology (cum laude), Stellenbosch University (SU)
Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) in Philosophy & Psychology, University of Cape Town (UCT)

Contact Me:

Room 5 Block B Baby & Child Wellness Centre, 277/279 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, Gauteng Province, South Africa
Phone:+27(0)76 485 6826 (SMS)

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