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Cynthia Eddings, M.S., LMFT (Santa Monica, CA and Online in CA)

I have used the WIEBGE 5-Step Recovery model both with clients who come to therapy knowing they were dealing with a narcissist and individuals who discovered through the therapy process that they were untangling the abuse brought on by a narcissist. Dr. Karyl McBride's model offers a stable therapeutic container. By having a beginning, middle, and end to therapy, both the client and the therapist have trackable guidelines to move the healing process along.

The five stages start the process by examining the reality of the client's relationship with the narcissist while addressing the need to grieve what wasn't. The next stage defines individuation and offers the skill of self-compassion. In step three, the client discovers who they are, and in stage four, they learn how to protect themselves with boundaries, and the process comes to a close as the client opens up to new and healthy relationships.

I enjoy my work, and I enjoy collaborating with others like Dr. McBride's, who offer healing in a clear and meaningful way. The gratification of watching someone move out of anxiety and confusion to having a clear sense of their authentic self keeps me engaged and interested in the human potential for growth and healing.

You feel lost and confused as a result of your relationship with a narcissist. The lies and manipulation squash your sense of who you are. You feel stuck and don’t know how to get your life back. My name is Cynthia Eddings. I work exclusively with women that suffer from narcissistic abuse. My many years of working with individuals going through an emotional crisis combined with Dr. McBride’s model provide the tools to release you from the narcissist in your life. Find strength by looking inside yourself instead of looking to the narcissist for permission to be who you want to be. I am excited that you are on your way to claim your life.

Choosing a therapist that is the right fit is essential. I encourage you to consult with a few therapists and get started with the one that feels the best. I offer free consultations. Sign-up via my website. Currently, I am doing therapy sessions online using a secure HIPPA complete web portal. I welcome your questions.

License and Credentials:
M.S.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California license LMFT #32438

Contact me:

2219 Main Street Ste. 153 Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 1-310-995-5435

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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