Embrace Recovery on Mother’s Day

Adult children of narcissistic parents in search of peace

girl_flowerMother’s Day in the United States is rapidly approaching. It’s the time of year that my inbox is flooded with questions. What to do? What card to buy? Contact or not? Adult children of narcissistic parents begin reaching out in words of great despair.

Mother’s Day is idealized in our culture and is this country’s most widely observed holiday. But for some, celebrating this unassailable tradition becomes a difficult reminder for those who did not have the saintly maternal archetype.

It’s a natural human feeling to long for a mother who loves everything about you absolutely and completely. It’s normal to want to lay your head on your mother’s breast and feel the security and warmth of her love and compassion. To imagine her saying, “I’m here for you, baby,” when you reach out for her. We all need more than the roof over our head, food to eat, and clothes to wear: we need the unconditional love of a trusted, loving parent.

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