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For the past 40+ years, Dr. Karyl McBride has been involved in private research, writing, and clinical practice concerning the topic of narcissism and its debilitating effects on relationships.

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Professional Reviews:

Will the Drama Ever End? is the essential guide for those seeking to make sense of their experience growing up in a family in which one or more narcissistic parents dominate. Dr. McBride wonderfully captures the dynamics of the narcissistic family and the impact on those within the family system through clear explanation and countless case examples. She then thoughtfully walks readers through the steps they can take to heal and live life more fully."

- Sharone Weltfreid, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"As a family systems therapist, I have long been both troubled and intrigued by the unique dynamics found in the families of narcissists. Dr. McBride has condensed an enormous amount of scientific data into a very usable and effective approach to healing. She makes the overwhelming journey to wholeness manageable by unveiling what is broken, explaining how that affects children and then, what can be done to not continue this damaging legacy.

Will the Drama Ever End? is an eye and heart opening book. In narcissistic families there is no safe place. Siblings are pitted against each other even after leaving home. Adults who should be protective instead turn blind eyes to the cruelty and isolation their offspring endure. The foundation for trust is systematically destroyed in such families. That our clients have the courage to hope, to love, and to recover fills me with endless admiration. They deserve truth and the restoration that flows from that."

- Elaine Jackson, LLPC,LMFT

"Will the Drama Ever End? speaks to the often-hidden trauma, fears and effects of narcissistic abuse survivors. It helps the reader understand why they feel a certain way and why relationships can be affected. Healing is an active process and is made possible by following the five-step recovery model that Dr. McBride presents. This compassionate and hopeful book will take the reader on the healing journey and onward to getting a healthy life well-deserved. Thank you to Dr. McBride for shining light in some of the darkest of things!"

- Malissa Veroni BA, MSW, RSW, DCA (Alberta) - Founder and lead Therapist at Keep'N It Real Solutions

"Dr. McBride provides the most up-to-date, comprehensive description of the effects of a narcissistic parent on (not only) children, but all members of the family. Her clear, concise examples are engaging and demonstrate the emotionally damaging effects of this type of parenting. Dr. McBride's evaluation and treatment approach are comprehensive and effective. A must read for clinicians working with clients affected by narcissistic parents. I don't know anyone who couldn't benefit from understanding the narcissistic influences in their lives through this revealing lens."

- Renee Richker, M.D., child and adolescent psychiatrist

“From the bestselling author and renowned expert on Parental Narcissism, Karyl McBride brings another rich and robust body of work to our resource library.  For anyone who is looking to capture a deeper understanding of narcissism and the narcissistic parent, the impact of narcissistic parenting on a child’s emotional experience and development, along with a clear and thoughtful ‘roadmap for recovery’ – Will the Drama Ever End is a must-read!”

- Wendy Behary, Author/Expert, Disarming the Narcissist

“In "Will the Drama Ever End," Dr. McBride has written an outstanding book directed at children of narcissistic parents. I have followed Dr. McBride's work for years - she has been in the trenches dealing with parental narcissism in therapy and legal settings - and her insights are sorely needed. I know from my academic work the damage that narcissistic parents can cause. My hope is that this book will validate the experience that many children of narcissistic parents have and help these adult children move outside the narcissists' psychological control and into a place that allows growth and deep connection with others.”

- W. Keith Campbell, author of The New Science of Narcissism

"Will the Drama Ever End? This book makes so much sense that everyone should read it! Children of narcissistic parents are struggling everywhere, and this book explains why. Adult children of narcissistic parents often don’t understand themselves, their relationships, or role in the world, but this book will set you free. McBride skillfully breaks down the crazy-making family dynamics and their potential life-time impact on the children with numerous relatable examples. Her successful five-step roadmap for recovery is based on her many years of experience as a therapist, as well as her own experience. Reading this book feels like a warm and understanding hug!"

- Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD, lead author of Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder and developer of the New Ways for Families® parent skills training method.

“I found Dr. McBride when I was researching background for my novel featuring a dysfunctional family based on a narcissistic mother’s neglect of her daughter, Grace.  As I listened to her audiobook, Will I Ever Be Good Enough, I was relieved and validated that my story of Grace could be one of her cases, and happy to raise awareness of these situations.  And now, Dr. McBride’s new book, Will the Drama Ever End, offers a handbook to those who have suffered the effects of narcissism to help them identify the trauma, reassure them of their sanity and guide them forward to heal and break free of the abuse. Brava! A welcome companion book from a brilliant therapist!”

- Maren Cooper, author of Finding Grace and A Better Next

"Will the Drama Ever End? is an important resource written by an expert in the field. This will assist our clients and clinicians in understanding the entire picture of narcissistic family dynamics. The abundance of real-life examples is so valuable and relatable to the reader, so they are not alone in their confusion. Dr. McBride's 5-step recovery program provides hope and empowerment for recovery.

- Allison Brittsan, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist

"Will the Drama Ever End? speaks to the importance of child advocacy whether you are a child, adolescent, or adult working with your inner wounded child. Not only does the book layout the dynamics of the narcissistic family, but it offers a compassionate 5-step recovery model for healing and transformation. McBride offers many relatable examples to help the reader understand the complexity of this kind of dysfunctional family. As a mental health provider, I will be recommending this book to my clients, colleagues, friends, and family. I am excited to share this work that reflects the importance of tuning into children's needs and wellbeing. I not only like this book, but I love it!"

- Kate Alexander, LCSW, child and adolescent psychotherapist

"Dr. McBride is a founder in this field, and this book is an excellent resource for people in narcissistic family systems.  It gently confronts the reality and the questions that many who grow up in this toxic and confusing environment come to therapy to explore. Dr. McBride brings up sensitive issues throughout this book and provides beautiful journaling prompts to expand an individual's own understanding of content. I look forward to adding this book to my recommended reading for my clients"

- Amy Kempe, MS, NCC, LPC, CSAT,  Therapist (CLIMB Health and Wellness) and Author

"Dr. McBride has created a thorough, accessible and compassionate guide to those struggling to break free of the negative cycles present in a narcissistic family. In compelling prose packed with relevant examples, Will The Drama Ever End? will help survivors of toxic families and the therapists who care for them recognize the hallmarks of a narcissistic family, understand the detrimental effects that this upbringing has on present-day life, and take actionable steps towards healing and thriving. Validating, relevant, and useful, this book will become a much-referenced classic in the field."

- Lia Prusha, LMFT: psychotherapist, writer, and survivor.

"Will the Drama Ever End? is an insightful book that helps readers better understand and heal from the toxic effects of being raised within a narcissistic family system. Dr. McBride thoroughly describes the narcissistic family, and the different roles family members take on and the different dynamics that play out. She provides ways for the reader to overcome self-doubt, learn to trust, build a strong sense of self and individuate. I enjoyed reading and amazing job!"

- Pam Snyder, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, ACT

"Healing from growing up with a narcissistic parent is a tricky business.​ ​For those who have the courage to open their eyes and do the work to heal,​ ​McBride is a wise guide.  Based on years of clinical experience, she lays​ ​out the healing process step by step.  Her book offers a breadth of understanding not found elsewhere, particularly in how the wounds of​ ​childhood get repeated in adulthood with siblings, partners, and friends.​ ​She teaches us how to think about our issues, and how to re-parent ourselves​ ​so that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. This is a book all therapists and clients should read - and then reread -- to absorb its​ ​insights."

-​ Catherine Hartshorn, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT

"Dr. Karyl McBride’s latest book, Will the Drama Ever End? provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guidebook for understanding, and breaking free from, the issues that develop from being a part of a narcissistic family dynamic. She addresses struggles with the narcissistic parent, the enabling parent, siblings, and being an only child. McBride shares her extensive clinical experience and numerous therapeutic exercises to help the reader address the heavy toll of this dysfunctional family system. The book provides tools to help with issues of self-esteem, trust, guilt, shame, fear, boundaries, parenting, and more. She also addresses the tendency to get into romantic partnerships and friendships that replicate the distorted love and communication patterns first established within the family, and how to have healthier relationships. The case studies throughout the book bring the concepts to life and are so relatable that readers may feel like McBride is describing them and their family. I’ve seen firsthand in my private practice how Dr. McBride’s Five Step Recovery Model offers practical, effective strategies for helping clients work through this form of complex trauma and end the drama of this type of intergenerational trauma. I recommend this book for the general public, clients, and mental health professionals."

-​ Kalpana Murthy, LPC, LCMHC, Certified EMDR Therapist

Professional Reviews:

Ohio Family Law Firm Holzfaster, Cecil, McKnight & Mues generously shared this book review of Will I Ever Be Free of You? Can read here: www.ohiofamilylawblogspot.com.

- Attorney Anne Shale

“Will I Ever Be Free of You is a rare achievement. It is insightful, thought-provoking, and powerful guide for dealing with divorce and narcissists. A smart book with an optimistic message from an author who knows how to heal.”

- Steven Babitsky Esq. SEAK, Inc.

“This book should be required reading for anyone divorcing in these circumstances, and for professionals who will benefit from the information and recommendations about a highly specialized area. The abundance of real life examples will be relatable to the reader and will provide a much needed resource that understands their situation. And equally important, a plan to help.”

- Allison Brittsan, MA, LPC

"If you have ever woken up at 3:00 am heart pounding with the vivid certainty that you must end the relationship with the person sleeping next to you, but the next day continued on as if such middle of the night thoughts were just a bad dream, then “Will I Ever Be Free of You?” is probably a book you should read. The surreal Alice in Wonderland quality of living with a narcissist is not something we are born knowing how to deal with or even understand. Dr. McBride does a wonderful job identifying the narcissist in action, the haze of denial that keeps one in the relationship, and steps for breaking through the denial. She lays out a thoughtful and compassionate plan on how to extricate oneself from the relationship, protect any children involved, and heal from the damage. Whatever stage of awakening from the nightmare of a narcissistic relationship one finds themselves, Dr McBride's thorough understanding of how the narcissist operates in relationships and her gentle and comprehensive guidance for saving oneself from further damage are invaluable to anyone trapped in Wonderland."

- A.B., lawyer

“Compact but thorough guide to successfully handling and surviving divorce- if you're married to a narcissist…Packed with useful advice…Proactive, goal-oriented, sound advice on how to heal, and how to move forward. The author isn’t satisfied with helping the thousands of men and women whose lives have been damaged by narcissists and are involved in high-conflict divorces. She wants to help the children too.”

- Psychcentral.com, Therapy Soup

"The innovative program Dr. McBride proposes would be a breath of fresh air, helping families chart a course and create health and healing through the divorce process. It would save families and the legal system enormous money and resources. I highly recommend this important, groundbreaking book.”

- Renee Richker, MD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“Karyl McBride’s Will I Ever Be Free of You? is a smart, practical guide to a perplexing problem- severing your tie to a highly narcissistic partner. Full of good advice and moving examples, it is as readable as it is sensible and helpful.”

- Terry Real, author of The New Rules of Marriage

“As a family law attorney, I would give this book to certain clients with a highlighter and sticky notes. Enough said.”

- S. Scott Lasher, Esq. Lasher Legal Resolution P.C.

Reader Reviews:

“I finally (completely) realized my husband is NEVER going to change - and I will not spend the rest of my life in this toxic and destructive marriage. Since then I have read “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” and “Will I Ever Be Free of You?” I am trying to gather reliable information before I begin the divorce process. Both of your books have been very helpful.”

- K.S.

“I am a marriage and family therapist and I am currently divorcing a narcissist. The divorce has literally brought out this character trait in spades. Your latest book, Will I Ever Be Free of You? How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist, and Heal Your Family, has been such a God-send. Reading it and learning about it has helped me to stay focused on the fact that I do deserve unconditional love, not the conditional love of my ex. Thank you for helping me to stay strong and I know that the empathy created by this situation will allow me to help others. Thank you!”

- S.L.

“My friend sent me the link to your new book Will I Ever be Free of You? and I've only gotten through chapter three. I can't thank you enough for helping me find a path to recovery. Your book is indeed a healing chapter in my life.”

- K.M.

“I am now reading Will I Ever Be Free of You? My life is on EVERY page of this book! Thank you so much for writing and sharing! It's nice to know I am not alone in this world!”

- V.N.

"Thank you for writing this book, Will I Ever Be Free of You? How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist, and Heal Your Family. I have been divorced for 4 years and I am still struggling with my narcissistic ex-husband. I found your book and I have not been able to put it down. It is really going to help me.”

- J.S.

"I want to personally thank you for all the time and effort you have taken into writing this book Will I Ever Be Free of You? How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist, and Heal Your Family. The title leaped out at me. I am sure you can guess I am yet another individual, married over twenty years that experienced extreme hardship over many years. My divorce was finally settled less than six months ago. What a long ride it is was for me and my children. It wasn't until there was a court ordered child custody evaluation that we had a label for his craziness. I am incredibly impressed with your pilot study. Thank you for putting so much thought into how to help families in the future."

- T.C.

"Tough read but a beautiful effort at making your experiences available for those in need. Tough read because one has to confront years of experiences that finally make sense. Love the book. Thank you."

- M.M.

"I wanted to let you know that I purchased your new book “Will I ever be free of you?”, right last Wednesday! I started reading it immediately, but had to put it down after a while, because it was so powerful and I could not handle more. You are absolutely right, it’s like reading my own life story, compiled in different essays. I avoided it the whole weekend, but I was able to pick it back up today and could not put it down. I am about ½ way through and the pages are full of highlights and dots of all the parallels. It is mind boggling, how much you have heard in therapy from others. I know I am in the right hands with you."

- E.S.

"I am a private person but I do not know how to review this book without giving you some of my background history. I've been married 11 years to a Narcissist and filed for divorce a few months ago. It took me a very long time to realize what I was married to and it was my mom who suggested that my husband was a narcissist. I did the research and sought out the advice of a professional therapist; once confirmed I knew what I had to do. What I didn't know was how to handle it. Leaving my husband and filing for divorce is by far the hardest decision I've ever had to make and I still question myself whether I made the right decision on leaving; after reading this I know I made the right choice. This by far is the best and most readable and relatable information I have found. With the stories, checklists, and questions I have a better understanding why my Ex is the way he is and that this is not my fault that he is sick. I understand how I was pulled into this relationship and that I am not alone. In fact, there are people out there worse off than I am. I thank God I never had children and for the support groups I have within my friends, family, co-workers. There are many tips on how to cope, how to prepare for the divorce if one is single or has children and many tips for moving on – especially if there are children involved. I am now better prepared for what I am facing and I am so grateful for this book. It has touched my life in ways no-one can understand; it has made me cry, it has made me feel powerful and it has made me feel that I can do this."

- B.H. Anonymous Reader

Professional Reviews:

“…[When] I discovered Dr. McBride’s book, Will I Ever Be Good Enough? and began recommending it to my clients; the changes I saw in their recovery were amazing. It was as if a 100 watt shining light bulb had been lit in a very dark room. Beginning with Step One: “Acceptance and Grief” to Step Five: “Ending the Narcissistic Legacy,” I now had practical and insightful exercises to teach my clients how to set boundaries with a narcissistic mother, how to create healthy separation and individuation from mother, how to grieve and accept what they could not change, and how to reach inner peace through the forgiveness process. Because of the results I saw in my clients from reading Dr. McBride’s book, I decided to complete her training, Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers, which expanded my knowledge in this field as well as providing clients with resources in the form of homework assignments to implement throughout their recovery journey.

I am very excited to be trained, certified, and actively using the 5-step recovery model of the Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Workshop/Training, and I am looking forward to continuing to help women recognize, implement, and heal from the pain of growing up with a self-absorbed mother.”

- Virginia Pignato

“McBride presents specific steps toward recovery that daughters of any age can use as they grieve for the love and support they didn’t receive…[McBride] provides parenting tips as well as advice for maintaining healthy love relationships and friendships. An excellent bibliography rounds out this revealing book, which ends on a hopeful and pragmatic note.”

- Publishers Weekly - STARRED REVIEW for Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

“Reflect on your pain, and then relish in your hope; that is the message I took away from Dr. Karyl McBride’s Will I Ever Be Good Enough? The clinical wisdom imparted by a trained marriage and family therapist, who herself is the daughter of a narcissistic mother, comes across with such richness and authenticity that this book should be on every family therapist’s shelf. It is written for the daughters, not for clinicians per se; however, both the daughters and their mental health professionals can benefit from the information presented in this volume. Practical, insightful and full of compassion, it is likely to help many women in ways that few other resources are able to do. Daughters of mothers with borderline, antisocial, and histrionic traits are likely to benefit from its caring, empathy, and practicality just as much as daughters of narcissistic mothers. This book is a gem, it truly helps the reader to reflect on her pain as well as relish in the hope that she can end the legacy of narcissism.”

- The Family Psychologist Bulletin of the Society for Family Psychology, Division (43), The American Psychological Association by Farrah M. Hughes, Ph.D.

Author Reviews:

“Will I Ever Be Good Enough? is an amazing journey out of pain. Providing true professional guidance and clarity, Dr. Karyl McBride heaps in genuine love and kindness. This book is like having an ideal therapist, at your convenience, who really helps you heal self-doubt and self-rejection. Every page is milk and honey to your soul.”

– Tama J. Kieves, author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All To Have It All!)

“The long-term destructive consequences that narcissistic parents have for their children are well-known. Until now, however, there has been little in the way of helpful advice for those who were raised by these parents. In this insightful new book, Dr. Karyl presents a detailed examination of narcissistic mothers and the harmful effects on their daughters. She also offers practical, step-by-step guidance for working through these issues. This book is a terrific resource for those women raised by narcissistic mothers and looking for strategies for change.”

- W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D., author of When You Love a Man who Loves Himself

“Narcissistic mothers are always there when they need you. They expect to be the center of attention, and they can be cruel if they don’t get what they want. Learning how to set boundaries with narcissistic mothers is a complex challenge. Dr. Karyl offers a step-by-step approach to understanding narcissism, setting limits on the abuse, and recovering from the psychological damage. This book is a must read for every woman living in the shadow of a domineering, self-focused parent.”

– Nanette Gartrell, MD, author of My Answer Is NO…If That’s Okay With You: How Women Can Say NO and (Still) Feel Good About It

“Will I Ever Be Good Enough? illuminates a very common and unnamed wound—the wound that results from growing up with a narcissistic mother. In this engaging book, Karyl McBride provides a clear, honest, and effective way to heal this wound and live life fully and joyfully.”

- Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Peer Reviews:

"Excellent clinical information about the effects of narcissistic mothers on their daughters, written clearly for all women struggling with this issue. The recovery section offers a rich variety of ideas and techniques to use in everyday life."

- Linda Vaughan, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

"Dr. Karyl has broken new and exceptionally important ground in exploring a critical area in parenting. This book is must reading for both the professional and the layperson who want to understand and successfully address the life-long and potentially devastating impact of narcissistic maternal child-rearing. It is filled with useful information and recommendations presented in a readable form."

- David N. Bolocofsky, J.D., Ph.D. family law attorney and former psychology professor

"Dr. Karyl does a beautiful job of describing the many faces of narcissism. I found this book extremely engaging and easy to read, and yet it is also highly informative, practical, and structured in its treatment approach. This is a “must-read” for anyone dealing with a loved one who is narcissistic."

- Renee Richker, M.D. Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Amazon.com Reviews:

(Published on Amazon reviews) "The fact that Dr. McBride lived this makes it all the more meaningful. The book isn’t written in a straight-on clinical manner, but more as a guide to get you through the stages of having been born to a narcissist, including all the damage it did to you. But because she has deeply personal reasons, it’s almost like a healing spa for the wounded soul in us. There are no excuses made, but there are difficult steps to follow, each step taking a while. It’s ok to stay in a step, processing it for a while, but the point of the book is to guide you through to the next step.

The most unfortunate thing is that more therapists don’t practice this type of healing, or even help you recognize the damage your narcissistic mother did to you.

I bought the paperback, and then the digital download, as I wanted to be able to reference it on the go. But my understanding is that the audible is amazing, as it is literally in the author’s own voice, and some of the stories are hers, as she had to personally do this work for her own healing.

It’s incredibly validating to know that we are not alone, and that this insidious personality disorder is so common. Just look at all the reviews here with people saying they lived through this. The real crime is that the mental health profession as a whole doesn’t see this for the enormity that it is." -

- Anonymous 2019

"Excellent! A must read for daughters of narcissistic mothers. Will I Ever Be Good Enough is a powerful resource for women who are seeking to understand and grow past their troubled, painful relationship with their narcissistic mother. Karyl McBride’s insights and observations ring true: she has been there and traveled this painful road herself."

- Amazon.com Customer

"Finally! Finally a book about narcissistic mothers that describes the subtle nature of emotional neglect and abuse and kills the myth that all mothers are benevolent! It’s hard to heal the narcissistic wound when it is a result of emotional neglect and put downs and there is no physical bruise or easy explanation like “my mother is an alcoholic." I’ve been in therapy for approx. 18 years and still struggle with a lifetime of never being good enough."

- Amazon.com Customer

"Ground breaking book. Rather than an esoteric view of maternal narcissism, this author has kept it simple, concise, and very easy to read. The point-by-point outline, stringers and explanations were to put it simply, brilliant. She interjected explanations to the descriptions of what a narcissist is, and thereby gave it a more feeling touch."

- Amazon.com Customer

"Oh my God was this worthwhile. Reading this book was an incredibly validating experience. I have never written a book review in my life but I believe that this work is essential for daughters of narcissistic mothers."

- Amazon.com Customer

Other Reader Reviews:

“Thank you for being one of the few people that really understand narcissistic mothers. My journey to recovery began 2 years ago when I read your book which broke my denial about my narcissistic mother. I have studied psychology and have friends whose mothers I could tell were narcissistic, but mine was only a bitch. Your book shattered my denial and I realized that my mother was as well. It was the paragraph to the effect of I have been fed, clothed and sheltered, but why do I feel so bad, that did it for me. I did the exercises you offered but couldn't understand why I didn't feel much better. Anyway, I ended up working out that I am actually codependent, of course all set up in childhood with a dysfunctional family with a narcissistic mother at the helm. Here in Australia, it is difficult, even impossible to find a psychologist who truly understands how dangerous narcissists are to their victims and virtually impossible to find anyone who understands and treats codependence. I only found one place in Sydney. Anyway, I am now 2 years into my recovery, am passionate about becoming a better parent and halting the intergenerational cycle of abuse. I wanted to you how grateful I am for all your hard work and that I found your book. This journey has changed my life and it all started with your book. So thank you for the huge influence you have had on my life half a world away!”

- A reader from Australia

“Your book is amazing. NEVER have I been able to understand my mother. I feel such enthusiasm knowing, IT’S NOT ME! I can make changes and not feeling as if I am not disregarding my own feelings. I, not only am seeing a new light, but a new beginning. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you!”

- M. V.

"If you have a troubled relationship with your mother, this book is for you. I have read many books about narcissism, and this one is of particular help because it deals so much with the mother relationship. I feel AT LAST someone understands the hell and torture I went through. And Karyl McBride's website offers a wonderful webinar to start down the road toward recovery. I have been in recovery for awhile now. I am recovering from the lack of attachment with both my mother and father due to both of them being narcissists and living in a family suffering from the effects of my grandparents' alcohol addiction on both sides. And with all the work I have done and will continue to do, this book offers some special comfort and understanding. Dr. McBride, thank you so very much for your vital and important work. My gratitude for you and your book is epic. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."

- Beth

“Wow! Twenty plus years of therapy in one book with a map of how to navigate the healing process and Dr. Karyl’s voice of comfort, care, and understanding that is healing in itself. This is a book about hope for people who feel hopeless.”

- NB

“Dr. Karyl’s book has a comforting, caring, and hopeful message that exposes daughters to the emotions they missed growing up. The personal stories shed light on the confusing isolation that daughters of narcissistic mothers have felt was their own personal world of sadness, guilt, and hurt. It is a book of healing that deals with an insidious disorder that flourishes in shadows. Dr. Karyl has managed to put twenty-plus years of therapy in a book from which all can benefit. Not just daughters of narcissistic mothers but those they try to talk to about their experience and have never been able to make themselves understood.”

- SP

“Daughters of narcissistic mothers have led a life of emotional isolation. It is one of secrecy, fake identity, and withdrawal from their own needs. In this book, the personal stories of countless daughters reassures the daughters that they are not alone and frees them from their speechless prison.”

- AM

“A much needed book at a critical time. The confusion that narcissism bestows on its victims must be explained in a way everyone can understand. Narcissism flourishes in lack of light because daughters are unable to explain how and why the emotional damage was so great. Dr. Karyl does that in a way no one else has with personal stories of daughters themselves. McBride’s personal voice of comfort, care, and hope rings true in this book and is perhaps the greatest healing factor of all. Those are three things daughters of NM’s have never experienced and the missing and healing piece of the confounding narcissistic puzzle.”

- KB

"I have just finished reading your book ; 'Will I ever be good enough?' I wanted to write and thank you, as it felt as if you were speaking directly to me. I have known for a long time that I have a difficult relationship with my Mum but have never considered it in terms of narcissism. It was very clear when I started reading, that my mum has many narcissistic traits which made it very difficult/impossible for her to empathize or meet my needs.

I have always felt that she despised me. This has had a devastating effect on me and my life. I have hated myself for 50 years. I have two daughters of my own and have struggled to be a good parent. My adult relationships have been very difficult too.

The good news is that I have started on the road to recovery. I have been having therapy and recently had a breakthrough, when I got in touch with how much I hated my younger self. When my therapist asked me to use the 'empty chair' technique and bring my younger self in the room, I couldn't even bring myself to look at her. For the first time, I could feel the strength of my pure hatred for her/me. It was truly shocking. When my therapist asked me to tell her/me that it wasn't my fault and that I was only a child, I couldn't bring myself to say the words.

Gradually the feeling of hatred has softened and changed. I see now that I was only a child. I have empathy for her and I think I am beginning to love her. This has had a major impact on me. I have had lots of therapy over the years but, until now, although I understood some of the issues in my head, it didn't change the way I felt inside.

Your book explained so much to me and put into words what I needed to hear. I'm not imagining it or being over-sensitive. I didn't get the love, empathy and support I needed to grow and flourish. It wasn't my fault. Your book validated my feelings and my experience. My mum didn't have what she needed to parent me. My relationship with my mum is not so emotionally-charged any more. I am not twisting myself all out of shape totry to get her approval. I am civil but I don't share my emotions or personal things with her.

Now it's time for me to really commit to my recovery. I am going to use your book to guide me and your voice to be my friend and ally. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for writing the book. Know that you are speaking to people directly and changing lives.

With love and gratitude,"

- SM

"Ground Breaking Book. Rather than an esoteric view of maternal narcissism, Dr. Karyl has kept it simple, concise, and very easy to read..."

- Reader

Weekend Intensive Testimonials
“Our time together gave me so much insight and I truly feel for the first time that I can truly disengage. I can't thank you enough. I'm so happy I was given your book and meeting and working with you was life changing. I will forever be grateful to you.”

- M. W.

“I wanted to thank you for the intensive. The work that you have done has helped me so much. It has allowed me to change my expectations of myself, my mother, and the world around me. I came away from the intensive overwhelmed, but now I realize that it will move me into deeper layer of my recovery. Thank you!”

- M.

"Since my intensive weekend in June, things have been moving along. I really got to the bottom of my issues during our session. It has enabled me to feel much more solid and peaceful as I work through the steps. The giraffe club provides support and encouragement as I continue to work through painful situations and my struggles with self doubt."

- Sue

”Thank you for taking the time to meet me for an intensive weekend experience. I certainly walked away with a lot of clarity. I have been craving that information for so long and now I have it. Hearing it directly from you certainly made a huge impact on me. I felt very on-track and clear in my direction when I left. To sum up my experience with you, I can describe it as this:

Imagine a person who has an ailment and has gone to the doctor or multiple doctors for years to get help and can never get the right diagnosis or treatment. They continue to live with the ailment for years feeling like there is no hope, no resolution and at times they are either a bit crazy or selfish for wanting to feel better, yet never quite giving up on finding an answer. Then one day they go to a doctor who understands the problem, diagnoses the problem and tells that person there is a solution. There is an actual name for it and a reason for why they have felt this way. After all the years of dealing with it, they now realize that there truly is a cure for the ailment and there is hope, understanding and relief. That is how I would describe my experience with you, Dr. McBride.”

- Anna

Personal Testimonials:

"I spent most of my pre-teen, teen, and early 20’s in therapy. Twelve years of therapy and I was still struggling with how to relate to my mother. An angel brought Dr. Karyl into my life, and the conversations I had with her literally changed my life! I had spent years and years battling with depression, wondering why I was never good enough to earn my mom’s affection. I felt empty inside and nothing I did seemed to fill that void. Dr. Karyl listened to my life story and then gave a name for the hell I had been living through for so long - narcissistic personality disorder. It was like a huge bag of bricks, that I had been carrying around for as long as I can remember, was taken from me. But she didn’t stop with just confirming that my mom had this illness. She helped me navigate through the stages of recovery, letting me know that the range of emotions I was experiencing were completely normal. Three years later, I have learned how to successfully interact with my mother. So much so that we’re getting along as she plans my huge wedding, something I never thought could happen! I do have set backs now and then, but I broke the vicious cycle, and I am now able to accept what my mother is and what she isn’t. I am so grateful for Dr. Karyl’s guidance, she gave me my life back. Her book will give a voice and hope to those who have suffered the pain inflicted by their mother. But best of all – it gives you solutions so that you can break out of the cycle and take charge of your life.

- Tomi, age 28

"The syndrome created in daughters of narcissistic mothers lurks in shadows with dull, unpredictable edges. Dr. Karyl shines a light on those shadows and defines the syndrome making it an entity to be dealt with rather than a quiet, pervasive cloud of fear. While the effects of this damaging upbringing never entirely go away, they can be seen for what they are and minimized to a degree that can be dealt with effectively. Dr. Karyl’s own personal style of psychotherapy is perhaps the greatest gift of all. She is upbeat, down to earth, and centered all at once. Daughters of narcissistic mothers have never had their feelings acknowledged and the result can be children who have built a thick wall around their emotional selves. Dr. Karyl, in her own quiet way, helps break down that wall. Clients trust her because they know she truly does care. She sees the gold in people and helps them to see it in themselves. I am very grateful, and consider myself blessed, to have her in my life."

- Allison, age 52

"After you discover and name what your life as a daughter of a narcissistic mother was and is, you are devastated, confused, lonely and yet somewhat relieved. Dr. Karyl is able to not only help you identify what happened to you and validate it, but she helps you to slowly navigate through all the emotions that come rushing in – and lets you know through her own personal experience that there is light, and life on the other side!"

- Kate, age 36

"I am my own worst critic." These are the words I lived by me entire life. What will people think of me? What if they think I am stupid? What if I’m not pretty enough? What if…what if…what if!!! Then I met Dr. Karyl McBride and my “what if” changed to “so what." Believe me writing it is much simpler than living it. The deep rooted narcissistic abuse I lived every day with my mother defined me. I allowed it to define me. I allowed it to run my life, stop me from living my dreams and from feeling and experiencing true love. I am so grateful for my therapeutic time with Dr. Karyl. Understanding how the maternal narcissism I grew up with has controlled the rest of my life as an adult, and then actually changing this for myself, has been a flight of freedom for me. I can’t wait until Dr. Karyl’s book comes out. There are so many of us who need this book. I wish more people had access to the therapy she offers here in Denver as it certainly changed my life in ways I never dreamed possible."

- Shauna, age 42

"Dr. Karyl has given me priceless tools that continue to help me through the deep-rooted narcissistic abuse, so I may live a happier life with myself, my son, my husband and family. I have given up the old hope of getting my mother’s love; maybe it’s easier now that she has passed. In turn, the love in my heart is overflowing and more powerful than I ever imagined possible."

- Kimberly, age 33

"An extraordinary event occurred in my life which led me to Dr. Karyl McBride. The care I received from Dr. Karyl was beyond my wildest dreams. I felt like I was a book she had already read and she knew my deepest secrets, secrets I didn’t even know I had. For many years Dr. Karyl has helped me see my life though a different set of eyes. She taught me about narcissism and what it is. She taught me how to recognize it and how it has applied to my life, over and over. The most important gift she gave me and taught me was that no matter what I did in my life, whether it was extremely wonderful or horrifying, it would never change the way my mother is. That the love I hoped for from my mother wasn’t ever going to happen the way I wanted it to. The best part about all of this is that I learned that IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! I’m not a victim, I am a survivor with a lifetime of education."

- Confidential

"For many years I thought I understood the relationship between me and my mother. In the beginning our relationship when I was a child, I could have received a perfect report card or all blue ribbons on field day at school, and the common response from my mother was “Oh, that’s nice honey…” I never felt like I was ever doing anything good enough. I tried harder and harder, but the responses were the same. Later in my teens I went the rebellious route. I strived for horrible grades, I stayed out late, and lied to her. These usually ended up with no responses except she would call her friends and talk about how terrible I was. Then her alcoholism came into play. I was repeatedly reminded of my “bad” behavior from when I was young and told that I wouldn't make anything of myself. That I should just find a wealthy man and marry him because I could never have a future or career. When I was older and got engaged, I showed her my 3 carat diamond ring and her response was, “Well, I hope you're worth it.” I still strived and would tell her of my accomplishments no matter how large or small they were. Usually she replied with telling me about something great she did, or about where the next cruise was going to take her or how much money she had. Honestly through all of this, I thought this was normal. I never saw what the relationship was really about. I knew I hurt inside and I felt empty and unsuccessful but I didn't understand it."

- Confidential

Online Virtual Workshop Reviews
“I want to thank Dr. McBride for the [virtual] workshop. I can’t tell you how much it helped me when I took it. My mom is now in assisted living so she’s not the issue for me she once was, but made my life pure hell for years. The workshop helped me so much. It’s the first time I’d considered my mom was a narcissist. It helped me during a very, very difficult time. Her work is amazing. It changed my life and gave me sanity and ways to deal with my mom that finally were solutions, ones I’d never considered before.” –Anonymous

- Anonymous

“I have purchased your video series and your book. I am working my way through both. My journey often feels like an exhausting swim upstream. Your book has been heart wrenching, strangely kindred, helpful, and deeply painful. I strive every day to be resilient, to be a balanced and thoughtful role model to our children, a loving and supportive partner to my husband and an inspiring teacher. Thank you for providing great questions, ideas to further guide my reflections and ultimately for bringing hope. Thankfully I am gifted with a supportive husband and together we are growing our understanding. We first viewed the videos on our own and then together. I send my heartfelt appreciation to you for making this life-saving work available. I appreciate your knowledge, your kind and accessible presentation, and your courage.”

- JS

"To say 'Thank you' feels a bit inadequate. There is nothing I value more right now than having someone understand, to explain, to support and then to show the way forward. That is what you have given to me. What a gift."

- KM

"Thanks so much for your course - I loved every minute of it. I didn't want it to end."

- Workshop User

Conference Comments:

“Fear is the number one dynamic used in narcissistic mothering. Dr. Karyl shines a light on this fear of the unknown, confusing and sad repercussions of being a daughter of a narcissistic mother and sets us on a path to healing. The first step to healing is being able to identify the problem and that is what daughters are unable to do. Dr. Karyl understands and articulates the problem and sets daughters on a path to recovery.”

- CA

“What a miraculous weekend this was! I feel as though I was on an island with people who understand me and it’s hard to leave. Thank you for your insights and encouragement.”

- Conference Attendee

“This has been an incredibly informative and empowering experience. How amazing and magical to learn and talk openly about this crazy-making way to grow up. You have such strength and courage. Bless you. I’m filled with gratitude.”

- Conference Attendee

“I feel grateful for this gathering of beautiful women, for the validation, education/information, empathy, love, kindness, safety, and humor. The conference was superbly planned and executed by wonderful sassy women. Thank you for making it available and reasonably priced. I had an ignoring NM. I’ve never felt more visible in my life without also feeling uncomfortable. Visible and comfortable. Wow! Thank you and Peace.”

- Conference Attendee

“Dr. Karyl, thank you so much for teaching me the tools I need to be a better person and hopefully break the legacy with my children. This weekend I felt like I belonged. I saw sisterhood and understanding in the eyes of every woman I encountered. Thank you so much for providing this precious authentic opportunity and for this vital gift of work that you’re sharing. I wish you all the best!”

- Conference Attendee

“I feel so loved and have a real blueprint for healing from the sick legacy. Your empathy and kindness shows throughout your whole staff. I am truly blessed.”

- Conference Attendee

“Dr. McBride, I appreciate the love and care that went into this workshop. I was a little shocked that I was the only male participant. However, I received a ton of validation, support and education from you, therapists and fellow participants. Great venue and I’d like to see a few more men at the workshop.”

- Conference Attendee

“Dr. McBride, It’s been a great workshop. I felt more comfortable and connected than most any other time. You are really warm, giving and a true inspiration and pathfinder. What a relief to finally be understood and to learn how to cope more successfully with this difficult relationship. Your staff was wonderful – all very caring and helpful. The food, hotel were great.”

- Conference Attendee

“It has truly been a blessing to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of warm, loving and kind women! I feel stronger for being here and ready to embrace my life on my own terms. Thank you so much for bringing this insidious dis-ease to light. I hope many more sons and daughters of narcissists find your book and begin on the road to recovery. Big hug.”

- Conference Attendee

“I have gained a deeper insight, greater knowledge, and clarity of narcissistic behavior and feel empowered by all your suggestions. It has always been my goal to act rather than react in distressing situations with my narcissistic mother. I am much more confident now of the changes I plan to make in myself as well as the changes I have already made to live happily and be me, authentically.”

- Conference Attendee

“I loved the workshop!!! It was positively a life-changing event for me that left a tranquil awareness within. It felt so wonderful to actually hear, see, and meet other women who share this common bond with me.”

- Conference Attendee

“Thanks superb job! Thanks so much for an amazing conference. It was just great to so quickly pick up on the amazing healing energy and momentum exhibited by everyone there. It’s an amazing thing you have started Dr. M. and I am so grateful for your courage and dedication to this as it has been unbelievably and extraordinarily helpful to me during a rather eventful year and evidently had the same effect on the group today.”

- Conference Attendee

“I am a therapist by trade and attend many conferences since I am in love with learning and, of course, to earn CEU’s for my license. I went this time to not only receive another perspective on my deep core wounds from my family of origin issues with a NM but also to gather some tools as I sit with women who are ravaged and often self-LESS due to their lack of mother-daughter bonds. I was taken aback by how well the whole thing was done. So many touches from picking an incredible site to literally cheering us on as we bravely re-confronted, accepted, and continued to face the reality of our deprived upbringings. I loved your ability and sense of presence as a leader. You seemed so present, patient, thoughtful, and never rushed. (So many conference leaders appear to be either on auto-pilot or burned out.) I really sensed an inner strength and deep level of empathy coming from within you. You were sure asked some hard and intense questions and never once dodged or dissed an attendee or gave them a quick answer. Such a great role model for me as I also am growing as a teacher and leader. I really felt you “get it.” This is rare, sadly even in our psychotherapeutic field. How rare to engage and be taught by someone who appeared so present…and humble, and may I add, witty! As for the material, incredible. I also appreciated the option of getting to process alone. I so needed the time to go within my own self and not have to “share space” with other women. I will give special time to the questions you prepared as there were so many that command more time and focus. Thank you for preparing all of those.”

- Conference Attendee

“Thank you so much Dr. McBride. We are blessed to have you to assist us on our paths. Blessings to you in all you are manifesting. You have changed my life and pulled me from isolation. Warmest regards.”

- Conference Attendee

"Thank you so much Dr. McBride. We are blessed to have you to assist us on our paths. Blessings to you in all you are manifesting. You have changed my life and pulled me from isolation. Warmest regards"

- Conference Attendee

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