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Erin Bellamy, LPC, CA (Online in OK)

If you grew up with a narcissistic mother, you understand what it feels like to doubt yourself, to struggle with self-esteem and trust, to have difficulty in relationships, to blame yourself for relationship problems, and even to find yourself in a series of abusive relationships. I am here to help, and healing is possible. My private practice specializes in helping women recover from narcissistic abuse. This can be from parents, romantic partners, family members, or friends, but it seems that being raised by a narcissistic parent is “ground zero” for many of these relationships.

I discovered Dr. McBride’s book, Will I Ever be Good Enough, years ago and have used it frequently in my work with clients. Now that I am certified in her 5-step recovery model, I have the tools to help daughters find their true, authentic selves, establish safety in their lives, and begin to heal from the legacy of distorted love. Dr. McBride is one of the world’s leading experts on narcissistic abuse, and it is an honor to draw upon her wisdom and expertise in my work with clients.

I provide therapy via telehealth to clients in the state of Oklahoma. My practice is focused on helping people heal from emotional abuse throughout the lifespan. I work with adult children of narcissistic, borderline, or psychopathic parents; adults recovering from abusive relationships; and lonely wives – women who are unsatisfied in their relationship or are going through divorce. I am passionate about helping people discover that their pain is not their fault and that there can be a beautiful, joyful life on the other side of abuse and trauma.

I use a number of different modalities in my work with clients, including mindfulness, client-centered therapy, EMDR, cognitive behavior therapy, positive psychology, psychoeducation, and bibliotherapy. I am in network with BlueCross BlueShield and HealthChoice and also offer a sliding scale for private pay clients.

If you were raised by a parent with narcissistic traits or have been harmed by narcissistic abuse, help is available. I would be honored to work with you on your healing journey.

License and Credentials:
Licensed Professional Counselor, Credentialed Advocate

Contact me:

Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: 1-405-800-0093

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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