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Frances Gordon, Diploma of Counseling (Victoria, Australia and Skype)

Frances Gordon_NewHi.  My name is Frances.  As someone who has experienced and overcome the effects of both a narcissistic parent and a high conflict narcissistic ex, I am passionate about helping other men and women find their own way through.  I provide a warm, emotionally safe, non judgmental approach.  I believe this is why many people tell me they feel ok to open up about things they have never spoken of before.

I’m a member of the Australian Counseling Association (Registration No. 2917).  I graduated in 2012 from a 2 year Diploma of Counseling.  I am certified in Dr McBride’s WIEBGE (Will I Ever Be Good Enough?) 5-step recovery model, and am thrilled to be a part of this registry.  The program provides an excellent framework in which adult children of narcissistic mothers are supported and nurtured on their journey of healing and moving forward in life.  I feel honored to assist clients in this important work and love seeing the powerful transformations that occur within them, and their lives.

I co-ordinate and run workshops and support groups here in different locations around Melbourne, and via the web.  These groups allow participants the chance to meet others with similar experiences.  The workshops focus on healing childhood wounds, releasing guilt, fear and pent up anger and resentment, and increasing assertiveness and emotional resiliency.  For more information, or to register your interest, please visit my website.

I am also available for appointments via Skype, over the telephone, or in my office at Boronia or Hawthorn here in Victoria, Australia.

License and Credentials:
Diploma of Counseling

Contact me:

Hawthorn Consulting
Level 1, 1/171 Boronia Road, Boronia and
Hawthorn Consulting, 142 Auburn Road, Hawthorn
Phone: (03) 9754 8658 or
Mobile: (03) 0419 563 172
Email Address:

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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