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Grant Rudolph – LMFT, LENS Neurophysiology Specialist (San Francisco and Mill Valley, CA and Online in CA)

A narcissist creates self-doubt for other family members, manipulating them into deep sadness and frequent failures. In my experience, Karyl McBride’s five-step program provides a safe structure for healing this inherited wound, resulting in self-appreciation, forgiveness, and improved boundaries.

During thirty-plus years of providing psychotherapy, I have felt a special connection with clients who were raised by a narcissistic parent because I was too. I delight in witnessing them break free from the trauma of their past. I am ready to guide you on your five-step journey out of narcissism. The process of healing from this and other traumas is documented in my book, Inside Neurofeedback: Healing Brain Stress, Emotional Disorders, and Trauma Symptoms (summer 2022).

Echo Neurotherapy Clinic adds a cutting-edge technology device called LENS neurofeedback to the warm acceptance and acknowledgement of talk therapy. Painful feelings and looping self-criticism are easier to encounter when they have been released electronically at their source. Research confirms that all mental disorders begin as inflammation in the brain. We use wires and an EEG amplifier to release traumatic memories and integrate insights during Stage 1: Acceptance and Grief. All five of Dr. Karyl McBride’s steps need to be worked diligently but neurofeedback makes progress easier and complete at the cellular level. The combination of LENS and talk therapy produces enduring benefits of stamina, clarity, and self-confidence. What’s more, undiagnosed post-concussion syndrome, learning disabilities, migraines and hundreds of other conditions are also helped simultaneously by neurofeedback treatment. There is no additional charge for this adjunctive therapy during your session.

Treatment includes neurofeedback that must be performed in person. All ages benefit. All races and sexual orientations are validated. We recommend that couples and families bond over a shared transformative treatment. We accept health savings plans, cash, and credit cards. Results are immediate; anxiety typically drops during the first session and is never as severe again.

License and Credentials:
LMFT, LENS Neurophysiology Specialist

Contact me:

2201 Webster, San Francisco and 45 Camino Alto, Mill Valley CA
Phone: 415-326-5000 (intake)

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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