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Hannah Alderete, LMHC (Online only in WA State)

I first discovered Dr. McBride’s 5-step recovery process two years ago, when I began treating Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents. I happened upon her book after discovering that the majority of my clients came from narcissistic mothers and fathers, and struggled with boundary setting, people pleasing tendencies, and low self-esteem. Soon after reading Will I Ever Be Good Enough, I knew I had to take the 5-Step recovery training to enhance my knowledge of narcissistic parents and deepen my appreciation for what my amazing clients were going through.

This model of recovery has proven to be such an effective approach to treating adult children of narcissistic parents. I have seen my clients grow beyond what they thought was possible. My clients have learned that they are enough and have been enough all along. Through this recovery model, I’ve witnessed my client’s let go of their need to please their narcissistic parent and finally step into their own power by reclaiming their self-worth that was there from birth.

My practice has “heartfelt” in the title because I believe that therapy and recovery must come from the heart.  Growing up with a narcissistic parent can wound the heart, so I take a firm stance in inviting my clients to recognize their wound and give it the caring attention it deserves.  I believe in treating all of my clients with the utmost respect and appreciation for their unique situation and experiences.  Everyone is recovering at their own pace and I value meeting my clients where they’re at.

I happily provide exclusive online therapy to my clients living in Washington State.

License and Credentials
MA, LMHC (LH60876137)

Contact Me:

Online Therapy in Washington State (no office)
Phone: 1-253-318-8695

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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