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Jennifer Hume, M.Ed., LPC (Georgia), LMHC (Florida)

I have been practicing for over twenty years and am excited to be certified in the 5-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents because it provides a concise, effective framework for moving through the work necessary to recover and reclaim your life as your own.

Throughout the years, I have trained extensively in both EMDR and ego state (internal parts of self) therapies that are referenced in Karyl McBride’s book and training.  I, too, find these modalities to deepen the work and effectively heal from your core being so you can grow from this place into your most authentic self and into the adult you were created to become.

I can’t wait to hear your story and guide you on your path to freedom.  Call or email me today to begin your recovery and step into your life as the worthy, unrepeatable, good enough person you are.

I hold dual licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia and as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida.

I practiced in Athens and Atlanta, Georgia for over a decade and maintain my licensure and a teletherapy practice for Georgia residents. I have practiced in North Palm Beach, FL since 2012 and have both an in-office and telehealth practice. I work exclusively with adults.

I am certified by EMDRIA as an EMDR therapist. I am a Certified Master Addiction Counselor by the Florida Board. I hold a certificate from PSI (Postpartum Support International) for the treatment of women with perinatal mood disorders and help women who struggle to detach from the projections and programming of their narcissistic parents as they become parents themselves. I have studied ego state therapy under the training of Shirley Jean Schmidt in her DNMS model (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy) as well as ego state work as taught by other experts in the field of treating childhood complex trauma.

Please visit my website at for more information about how to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.

License and Credentials:
M.Ed., LPC (Georgia), LMHC (Florida)

Contact Me:

840 US HWY 1, Suite 435, North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Phone: 1-561-951-0879

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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