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Jennifer Kogan, LICSW, RSW (Washington, D.C. and Ontario, Canada)

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) and registered social worker (RSW) who offers online individual and couple therapy for residents of Washington, DC and Ontario, Canada. I am honored to guide you through your recovery process as an adult child of a narcissistic parent and/or as you navigate working through the experience of living with and/or separating from a person who has a personality disorder.

My training and experience in family systems, parenting, mindfulness, shame resilience, and wholehearted living effectively complement this critical healing work. I have completed the training and am certified in Dr. McBride's, WIEBGE five-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents.

Our work together can increase your ability to practice self-compassion (research shows this is key to optimal well-being and mental health), create and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships, and help you live a more satisfying and full life.

I believe that we are all doing the best we can and that sometimes we just need a little help. I am an experienced and caring clinician who will work with you to create and maintain a life filled with joy, self-compassion, and growth.

License and Credentials:
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)
Registered Social Worker (RSW)

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Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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