Julie Tenenberg_NewI have been a psychotherapist, consultant and educator for 20+ years. My private practice is in Oakland, California. By bringing my own personal and professional expertise and following the 5-step recovery model developed by Dr. Karyl McBride to my work with clients, I have witnessed adult children of narcissistic/self-absorbed parents release and heal from the trauma, unmet needs and the shame/guilt that developed at a young age. The lasting result has been the true discovery and expression of self, movement towards self-acceptance and inner peace.

I integrate Relational Psychology, Mindfulness practices, EMDR and EFT.

My style is interactive, compassionate and insightful.

Complementary 10-15 minute phone consultation.

Please call or email me for current fees.

For those clients who have PPO insurance and their plans pay for out-of-network providers,

I will provide the necessary paperwork for reimbursement.

License and Credentials:
MFT 33149

Contact me:

4289 Piedmont Ave., Suite 205
Oakland, CA  94611
Phone: 1-510-301-6001
Email:   julietenenberg@gmail.com
Website: www.julietenenberg.com

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training