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Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW (San Diego, CA) – Level II Certification

KRudlinMy therapy practice in San Diego exclusively provides healing to adult children who grew up with emotionally unavailable parents due to narcissism or other issues. My book, GHOST MOTHERS: Healing From the Pain of a Mother Who Wasn't Really There describes what it’s like to grow up ghost mothered, identifies the impact and offers specific strategies for healing. Having grown up with a narcissistic mother I know how painful and confusing it is to grow up this way.

I'm certified in Dr. McBride’s 5-step recovery model, having participated in her 3-day workshop in Denver, and completing an online virtual training for therapists. In response to client requests to go even deeper into healing the mother wound, I’m now an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist (certified through ISST) using experiential strategies to strengthen the inner child and change self-defeating patterns.

For more information about how schema therapy is so effective, check out my website

Check out the book Ghost Mothers

License and Credentials:
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, #LCS13445
Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Trainer, and Supervisor

For more information:

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

Therapist in-person workshop: Level II Clinical Training, 9 hour intensive

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