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Laura Goldner, Psy.D. (Denver, CO and Online in CO and MI)

Before I became aware of WIEBGE, I had been intuitively doing similar work with my clients, so many of whom have struggled with the effects of growing up with narcissistic, often abusive, or neglectful mothers.  Finding Dr. McBride's book was a wonderful resource to give my clients that expanded and deepened my and my clients' understanding of the far-reaching impact of growing up with a narcissist. Then when I took the therapist training and then having my clients do the workshop, I was amazed to discover how using the worksheets dramatically impacted their ability to access the memories, emotions, and healing compared to the less structured work we had been doing.  It is very exciting and gratifying to me as a psychologist to see so much change in my clients, the healing that had been eluding them before this workshop, and the follow-up exploration we do in session with the worksheets.

My Personal Practice:

My practice is focused on women. I work with many women who are single, married, either never married or divorced, to help them find healthy and sustainable relationships. The baggage and fears women have from their previous relationships, confusion about how to maintain a good relationship as well as their lack of self-love, have often led them to have frustrating, painful relationship experiences. Whether you are trying to cope with anxiety, feelings of depression, frustrations with work or relationships, or issues specific to parenthood, there is a way through. Together we can help you listen to your instincts, find your own voice, and create the changes you desire in your life.  As a licensed clinical psychologist, I will use my skills and expertise--combined with personal experience as a woman, spouse, mother, and becoming single in mid-life--to help you examine, and change, the situation with which you are struggling.

You may have found a way to tolerate your situation - or others may think you should! Yet, I believe that it is at these challenging life junctures that you are really most ready for change, unnerving though it may seem because continuing to do more of the same is no longer working for you. This idea is beautifully expressed in the quote from Anais Nin: "And the time came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

I do video therapy sessions for people in Colorado and Michigan.

License and Credentials:
Licensed Psychologist

Contact me:

1720 S. Bellaire St., Ste 204, Denver, CO, 80222
Phone: 303-378-0501


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