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Leslie Miller, LICSW, Online in MA

Like many others, I was very moved by Dr. McBride’s “Will I Ever Be Good Enough.” The struggle to be good enough perfectly synthesizes what it’s like to grow up with a narcissistic parent. Childhood survivors of narcissistic parents all too often continue to struggle in adult relationships, attracting similar partners who are rejecting, invalidating and lack empathy. The familiar patterns of jumping through hoops, trying to please and win-over a narcissistic parent or intimate partner becomes a way of life, until the struggle becomes too much to bear. Many clients are emotionally and physically exhausted from walking on eggshells in the relationship when they enter therapy.

Are you in a relationship with a narcissistic partner and trying to decide if you can be healthy in the relationship? Maybe you are at a crossroads and contemplating divorce or are involved in a divorce process with a high-conflict personality. Wherever you are in your relationships with others, we will explore this dynamic in a supportive, non-judgmental manner, using Dr. McBride’s 5 Step Model in a trauma informed approach.

The 5-Step Program is structured in manner that provides the steps necessary to establish safety and acceptance in the therapy setting. Clients will learn the tools to re-engage in healthy relationships by ending the legacy of narcissism. Dr. McBride’s 5 Step Program is invaluable in helping clients embrace the authentic self that has gone into hiding as the result of programming by a narcissistic parent or partner.

My expertise allows me to work with clients in a trauma informed approach to address the invisible wounds of childhood caused by a narcissistic parent, as well as individuals suffering from narcissistically abusive relationships with an intimate partner.

My philosophy is that healing comes in many forms. If appropriate, I will incorporate grounding techniques and mindfulness best practices to help with anxiety and emotional dysregulation to use as a resource in-between sessions.

I am certified in Complex Trauma (CCTP II), and Yoga for Anxiety. Currently, I am working on my comprehensive certification in EMDR.

From 2013-2019, I conducted custody evaluations for the Massachusetts Family Court System, and I have extensive training and knowledge of the impact of high-conflict divorce on individuals, children and families.

Populations I work with:
• Adults ages 18+
• Although I specialize in women’s issues, I work with many male clients as well struggling with a narcissistic parent.
• Couples who are struggling to co-parent through divorce.

If you would like to connect, sessions are offered virtually. Currently my licensure only permits me to work with Massachusetts clients, however I am available for psychoeducation, coaching and consulting if you are out-of-state. I am an out-of-network provider.

License and Credentials:
LICSW in Massachusetts. I am certified in Complex Trauma (CCTP II), and Yoga for Anxiety. Currently, I am working on my comprehensive certification in EMDR.

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