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Lynn Winsten, Ph.D. (Berkeley, CA)

Lynn WinstenI have been working with people traumatized as children and with career and personal relationship problems for over 30 years.  Very often these problems are caused by narcissistic pathology in the family of origin.  I took the course presented by Dr. Karyl McBride to see what I might be doing to ensure I help people with this problem.  I feel very confident in helping people to find a reduction in anxiety, shame, depression, and loneliness caused by such connections.  I have recommended Dr. McBride’s books and online course for clients with narcissistic parents and subsequent connections.  This information is not entirely new to those who have worked with me as I was also trained in treating all types of personality disorders with Dr. James Masterson.  Thank you for your time and interest.

License and Credentials:
CA Psychologist PSY11304

Contact Me:

1209 Ordway Street
Berkeley, CA  94708
Phone: 1-510-527-5359

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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