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Malissa Veroni Cert. Child Abuse Studies, Dip General Social Work, B.A (Hons.), MSW, RSW (Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and Skype) Level II Certification

Finding Dr. Karyl McBride’s work, and her Will I Ever Be Good Enough (WIEBGE) 5 Step Recovery Model has been a life changing moment for me personally and professionally! Walking through life always trying to figure out “what’s wrong with me” and having “odd” reactions to what would appear to be simple and supposedly “beautiful” interactions between a child and mother told me some work had to be done. Working through my personal trauma and healing through the 5 Step Recovery Model, I quickly saw the need for this program for a number of clients I also see in my private practice. Even before I became certified with 5 Step Recovery Model, I was already using it to help teenagers and adult men and women work towards their healing journey from the trauma and abuse experienced from often described empty, confusing, and painful childhoods. The 5 Step Recovery Model is geared towards adults to move towards reclaiming their lives, empowerment, healing, and embracing healthier relationships both with themselves and with others.

I am a registered social worker in Grande Prairie Alberta with over fifteen years’ experience in the social sector serving children, youth, adolescents, adults, and seniors of various needs, intellectual abilities and diversities. Having several years’ experience as a researcher, therapist, counsellor and educator I specialize in sex, gender, mental health across the lifespan, diversity, abuse and behavioral issues of all ages. I obtained my Honours Bachelor of Arts with a minor specialty in Sex, Marriage, and Family Studies from the University of Waterloo in 2008 as well as a Certificate in Child Abuse Studies and a General Diploma in Social Work from Renison College in 2006. After working in several settings in supportive, correctional, and health care settings I went on to get my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Windsor in 2012. I continued with my studies to obtain an Intensive Sex Therapy Training Program through the University of Guelph in 2015 and in Sexual, Gender & Relationship Diversity: Tools for Health Professionals in 2019 as I find trauma often ends up in one’s sexual experiences and relationships.

I am often inspired by my client’s resilience and the gift I am given to walk alongside individuals, couples, and families during their difficult times. My personal goal for everyone who I have the honor to serve is for them to feel heard, seen, accepted, respected, and most importantly safe as it is key to personal healing and growth.

To assist others on your healing journey I provide ZOOM/or telephonic sessions all across Canada. Evening and weekend appointments are available to help you manage your busy life and your healing at the same time! Currently, sliding scale payments are not available. Services are covered by most private and corporate insurance plans and is for the client to determine their eligibility prior to scheduling an appointment.

License and Credentials:

  • Registered Social Worker with Alberta College of Social Workers, Registration and License # 11097
  • Designated Capacity Assessor (Alberta)
  • SAFE Structured Analysis Family Evaluation & Supervisor

Contact me:

Phone: 1-877-540-9870

Therapist in-person workshop: Level II Clinical Training, 9 hour intensive





Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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