Narcissists Derail People

trainpeople-690451_1280How to protect yourself from getting duped by a narcissist

What is it about narcissistic behavior that leaves people scratching their heads and wondering what just happened?! A narcissist can derail someone in minutes due to their own issues. It can come out of the blue. To say it confuses you, shocks you, or throws you off your game is an understatement. But why does this happen and what is it about this personality disorder that is so devastating to the people in relationship with narcissists?

The common understanding of the definition of narcissism is that the narcissist is “all about themselves,” and is “boastful and arrogant.” But, this disorder is much more complicated. Actually, if this was it…who cares? But this is a much deeper psychological issue in the narcissist that is usually not even seen by the narcissist because they are so out of touch with their own feelings.

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