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Rachel K Carlson, LPC (Huntingdon and Doylestown, PA and Online in PA)

I have always been passionate about boundaries--even as a child--though I didn’t call it that then; I called it fighting for my life! Today I counsel and coach people to understand manipulative tactics, and how important (and hard!) direct communication is in all relationships. I teach women how to identify these tactics in their relationships with parents and partners so they can feel empowered to stand up for themselves.

Dr. McBride’s 5 Step approach has added value to my ability to support women. Part of the work is to validate their feelings and experiences, especially when those around them don’t get it. The next step is to guide them to understanding and accepting their feelings and experiences.  In addition to the steps outlined in Dr. McBride’s book, “Will I ever be Good enough” I am a holistic counselor who uses mindfulness and EMDR to support clients in healing their wounds from childhood. This work creates for women a greater sense of confidence, centeredness, and control in their lives. I have enjoyed using Dr. McBride’s book, and training, both personally and professionally.

I appreciate the importance of spending time to grieve the childhood you didn’t have, and how this is a step that most daughters would love to skip! Having been raised by someone who couldn’t respond in an attuned way to them, daughters of narcissistic mothers are usually better at analyzing their feelings then they are at feeling them.

Another vital and exciting step is discovering the woman you were meant to be. Who were you before the distortions, and the battles against self were waged? Who are you now, and who do you want to be? Let’s find out. This is exciting work. I am happy to be listed on this directory so that after a confusing and traumatic past, women can get the help they need.

Rachel Carlson is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Eastern PA. She has two offices—one in Huntingdon Valley, and one in Doylestown. She has 12 years’ experience in counseling. She has video sessions available for convenience (and to facilitate pajama wearing.) At this time, she accepts UBH and Highmark Insurance. She accepts sliding scale clients through Open Path--which you can sign up for on their website. She works primarily with adult daughters of narcissistic mothers, as well as couples and families in trouble.

License and Credentials:
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, in PA

Contact me:

800 W State St, Suite 103, Doylestown, PA 18901
2643 Huntingdon Pike, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Phone: 1-267-587-6332

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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