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Rebeca Alaiz Fuertes (Hospital de Orbigo, CO Spain)

Rebeca Alaiz FuertesI’m an experienced and highly trained therapist. I have a degree in psychology from the University of UNED. I have also completed several courses including:

-Criminal psychology course.
-Immigrant women, victims of trafficking.
-Introduction to the technique of criminological profile.
-Neuropsychology: quality of life.

I have been working with the psychology team in a hospital clinic where I’ve gained experience working with individuals struggling with various psychological disorders and also working with couples. This experience inspired me to invest in additional training applied to specific mental health disorders.

I would like to work with adult children of narcissistic parents because I think it's an area that is given little importance but is very serious. There are very few therapists who specialize in this type of therapy. I would like to put into practice the knowledge I acquired through Dr. Karyl McBride’s therapists training Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers helping daughters and sons of narcissistic parents. It has allowed me to be certified in her five-step recovery model for treating adult children of narcissistic parents. I have reached out internationally to get this training but her book is also translated into Spanish.

En Español

Contact me:

Phone: 678055143
Sierra Pambley N 19 24286 Hospital de Orbigo Leon
Hospital de Orbigo, CO 24286 Spain

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