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Rick Rodgers MSW, LCSW, CADC, CTTP, NATC (Online in AZ, IL, IN, and NH)

My experience with Dr. McBride's 5-step recovery model has been transformative both personally and professionally. As a clinician, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact this model has on individuals who have experienced narcissistic and borderline family systems. The 5-step recovery model provides a clear and effective roadmap for those who have struggled to establish healthy boundaries and relationships due to their upbringing.

What I find most valuable about this training is the emphasis on empathy and validation, which are the cornerstones of my therapeutic approach. By understanding the unique challenges faced by adult children of narcissistic or borderline parents, I am better equipped to provide the support and guidance they need to heal and grow. Furthermore, this model offers practical tools and techniques that can be tailored to each client's individual needs, making it an incredibly versatile and effective approach.

As a clinician, I am passionate about working with this population because I have seen the profound impact that therapy can have in their lives It is incredibly rewarding to witness the transformation that occurs when clients learn to set healthy boundaries, develop self-compassion, and establish authentic connections with others. I am committed to helping my clients break the cycle of distorted love and create a life filled with genuine love, respect, and fulfillment.

Being part of the WIEBGE therapist registry allows me to connect with even more individuals in need of support and guidance. It also provides an opportunity for me to collaborate with other like-minded clinicians and contribute to the growing body of knowledge surrounding the treatment of adult children of narcissistic or borderline parents. Ultimately, my goal is to empower my clients to live their best lives and create a world in which they can thrive.

I am a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor and Trauma-informed Clinician who takes an authentic approach with my clients. I am licensed in Arizona, New Hampshire, Indiana and Illinois and am currently accepting virtual clients. I am a yoga instructor and a veteran with years of trauma and addiction management experience. I am also trained in ACT, DBT, EMDR, TF-CBT, IFS, and Mindfulness.

My Specialties include working with adults experiencing: Anxiety & Panic Disorder, Addiction and Substance Use, Aging and Geriatrics, Comorbidities, Codependency, Complex Trauma & PTSD, Reprocessing/EMDR Depression, Veterans, Stressor-related disorders, Loss/Grief, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Life adjustments and Transitions, and Yoga-Therapy integration.

License and Credentials:

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Phone: 1-812-251-5034

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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