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Rosslyn C Wilson, CMACA, FVC (Victoria, Australia and Skype)

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When I was first introduced to the book “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” (WIEBGE) I read it first in record time and then read it again and again. This book has helped me not only personally but also in my work with many of my clients.

I work with clients who have suffered through their relationships with either one or both of their parents and/or a partner in their life. Being a therapist who understands the trauma the client is going through is of great benefit for the healing process.

I have found Dr McBride’s 5 step recovery plan a must for this type of recovery and in helping them to move on with their lives. In the counselling relationship we also address co-dependency, anxiety and relationship issues.

I am very pleased to be working with the 5 step recovery plan of which I have been using since January 2014 to help free the client from the restraints of their upbringing and also the FOG (Fear Obligation and Guilt).

Towards the end of the journey I give the client an opportunity to join a support group of which we meet monthly. This support has helped many women for many reasons. One reason being that a lot of clients report back that their friends and associates do not understand the enormity of being brought up in a narcissistic environment, the support group gives them a chance to mix with those that are like minded and understanding.

I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), a Supervisor of Counsellors and also a member of Counsellors Victoria. I have been a Counsellor since 1998, I love to see the clients heal in this work, to be able to make their own decisions which allows them to grow in strength and confidence.

I work in my private practice in Knoxfield Vic and also on Skype or over the phone.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how I may be able to assist you with your life issues.

License and Credentials:
Clinical Member of the Australian Counseling Association (CMACA)  #5442
Supervisor of Counselors through (ACA)
Member of the Federation of Victorian (FVC) Counselors # V0067
Ros Wilson CMACA, FVC

Contact me:

Address: 77 Anne Road Knoxfield Vic 3180
Phone: 03 97630033
Cell: 0422120114

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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