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Sarwat Waraich, Psy.D., Brea, CA (Online only in CA)

Growing up, all you wanted was unconditional love, emotional support, and a role model on how to become a woman.  Instead, you learned that love is not unconditional.  You felt powerless, insecure, and alone. You doubted your sense of self and self-worth. One day, my mom will value me and make me feel "good enough" for the love I desperately need. The cycle of emotional manipulation begins and you question your purpose in life. You have developed a distorted sense of love which led to unhealthy relationships. You have become disconnected from your loved ones and lost value in the things you once had passion for.  Together, you will learn how to break free and create purpose in life.  Through Dr. McBride's recovery model, you will rebuild and establish self-esteem, self-worth, self-compassion, and respect for yourself.  Let's turn self-hatred to self-compassion and self-blame to self-love.

I was born and raised in California and am of ethnic descent.  I understand the unique difficulties of being bicultural and living two conflicting identities engrained into myself.  I struggle, not only by ethnicity and religion but by gender, being a female striving to find how to fit into cultural and societal norms.  I always asked myself why I was the “sensitive one” and why I had trouble developing meaningful relationships, which is what led me to this work.

I have been practicing as a licensed clinical psychologist for 16 years in private practice, community mental health, and in an inpatient psychiatric hospital.  I work with trauma, depression, anxiety, panic, and shame with an emphasis on multicultural community mental health.

I am so excited and humbled to be trained and certified in Dr. McBride’s 5-step recovery model. I found it to be an invaluable and necessary tool to rediscover and reclaim your emotional life!  I was surprised to realize how many clients I have worked with who have suffered from and are survivors of narcissistic relationships.  Some of the most complex cases are those where the client is going through a divorce from a narcissistic partner and seeing how it affects the family and children who are caught in the middle of high conflict divorces.  Most of these individuals, including myself, do not recognize the emotional trauma related to living with a narcissist.

In Dr. McBride’s 5-step recovery process, you will begin to identify and process the relationship you have had with the narcissist in your life. You will take the time you need to grieve what wasn’t there.  Once acceptance is achieved, you can then begin to separate from the relationship to individuate and heal with self-compassion.  In step 3, you will work to discover your authentic self, which prepares you for step 4, redefining your relationships and learning how to set (and stick to) clear boundaries. In step 5, you will examine your own areas for improvement, and work to stop the cycle of distorted love within your own family. It would be an honor and privilege to walk with you in this journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing to create your path to recovery nurtured by empathy.

My current practice is through telehealth.  I work through a platform named Simple Practice which is HIPPA compliant and made specifically for therapists who have online practices.  I am licensed to practice in California.  I am not yet on any specific insurance panels, but I can provide you with the necessary paperwork should your insurance reimburse you for my fees.

License and Credentials:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist #PSY19573

Contact me:


135 South State College Blvd. Suite #200, Brea, CA 92821
Phone:  1-626-283-5852
Fax: 1-626-280-3110

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level 1 Training

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