Treatment options for sibling incest.

iStock_000037410824_SMHaving worked in the child sexual abuse field for 30 some years, I am continually struck with a sense of sadness when yet another family comes forward with admissions of sibling sexual abuse. Rather than judgment it is important to be aware of treatment and healing options. Jumping to quick labeling without understanding the help needed is dangerous. Child Molester! Hang Em! Life Over! That’s missing the point. Remember people are human and in sibling incest cases they are family and usually love each other. They are also children or teens.

Thankfully, the field of child sexual abuse has come a long way and treatment protocols have been established. Many families have worked through the sequential treatment protocol and have been reunited and this can be very successful if followed. The key factor is gaining trained professionals who work together as a team to help each family member through the process. Here’s the sequence:

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