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Tiffany N. Libby, LMFT (Online Only in CA)

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, born and raised in San Diego County. My office, Tiffany Libby Therapy Services, was created to help support all types of trauma, offering numerous specialties. I truly believe that creating a therapeutic alliance based on empathy and trust is a necessity when healing from past/current abuse. My goal is to help clients understand the resiliency already inside of them and support them through the journey of healing. Through unconditional positive regard and collaboration, I hope to assist others in regaining control in their life and help them get to know and love the “real,” them. Learning Dr. McBride’s 5 step recovery model has been very useful in my client’s and my personal life. I find that it is a very straightforward approach that is easily understood and implemented. The steps make sense and include the importance of non-judgment and empathy when working with clients. I appreciate that it is in a format that is understandable no matter what experience you may have with psychology and therapy.

Growing up in San Diego County I understand the unique difficulties that come with living in a place that fixates on “beauty” and “me, me, me.” I always had trouble understanding why I seemed to be more “sensitive” than others or had trouble developing meaningful relationships. Completing Dr. McBride’s 5 step training helped me understand many of the subtle ingrained messages that had been with me my whole life. Working with people who have suffered narcissistic abuse is a passion for me and something I empathize with personally and professionally. It’s amazing to me how I could have been a therapist for so long and still not see all the dynamics that have played out in my own life. I have met with so many amazing people, that have experienced narcissistic abuse in some fashion. I have seen firsthand how this abuse transcends genders, races, socioeconomic status, and educational level. Understanding how pervasive narcissistic abuse is, is so important to help us understand that what we experienced was real and that we are not alone. Being a therapist has shown me how courageous, empathetic, and kind people can be, without even realizing how truly special they are. I feel very lucky to have earned the trust to be a part of people’s journey of self-discovery and am committed to providing the support my clients need. If you would like any more information about me or the clinic I work for, please visit

Demographics: 13+
Types of therapy: Individual via telepsych, cash only

LMFT 85738


Phone: 1-760-279-3929

Therapist Virtual Workshop: Level I Training

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